First-time Home Buyer

Dear Mrs. Huggins-Jones, About six years ago you and I sat together and you helped me budget my money and resources to purchase my first home. We made a connection and kept in touch for a period of time afterwards. Since that time I am not only still applying the principals you taught me to my every day life, but I recently earned a B.S. in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, and my credit score is steadily increasing (God is GOOD!). I don’t know if you remember me, but I wanted to thank you for sowing into my life. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your business/ministry. I shall never forget you.

Getting Credit on Track

Mrs. Huggins-Jones, I want to thank you for helping me get on course with my credit. Over the past 17 months, I have reduce the number of credit cards to just one major credit card. I’ve learned to live on a budget and I have a credit score that is over 700. I am now ready to purchase my first home..thank you so much.


Achieving My Goals

The Services at Breaking Chains where inspiration in me achieving my goal of home ownership; after meeting with Ms. Jackie Huggins Jones, I was well prepared and focus on the purchase of a home and the steps to be followed.

We took the time to comb through my finances and assets, we talked about all the expenses that where going to be needed and acquired. We wrote out a financial plan and guideline to follow, which prepared me for what was to come.

In the beginning I had a goal, I did what I knew, first I prayed, then I wrote out a plan to save and set a date according to my lease ending, I asked questions, I took a class to better prepare myself then I started looking I stuck to the plan I found some help God blessed me and I was able to meet some good people (Jackie) along the journey and it’s moving right along I found a house. I was denied a loan at the first bank that I applied, Ms. Jackie comfort me and pointed me in the right direction with a different bank and down payment assistance program.

I put in a bid and to an agreement with the sellers. I have completed the Loan application, which all fees I was prepared for, I opened up an escrow account with $500 just like we discussed, I had the home inspected which I was prepared for, but if the inspection is good and everything works out with the appraisal, I will be a successful home owner and I am very appreciate of the guidance and assistance that was provided.

Thank you for all your help and assistance you are awesome.

T. S. Cooper

I Never Used a Budget

I found myself living from payday to payday. I went to Breaking Chains Inc. for budget counseling. I was not aware of the mount of money I was spending until I started receiving counseling with Breaking Chains Inc. Thank you for helping and showing me another way.


Donna K.

Thank You and God Bless You Always

I am sure things will work out in my finances.  I am looking forward to moving into my home. You have a “great” and helpful program.


Darelene R.

Making a Difference

Dear Jackie, Not only do you care for others, you reach out to help them too. “Thank you” for making a difference, especially in my life.

Leola & Scottie

Keeping Me Off the Ledge…

Good evening Mrs. Huggins Jones

I just wanted you to know that I paid the rest of my closing cost $547.07, last night and sign about 90 pages with the title company and the transfer is complete as of today. At this point, I am waiting on my keys, I shade some very happy tears and I am very excited and thank you for helping me achieve one of my goals and making this a very pleasurable experience,  everyone was great, Sean and Karmen was excellent, the title closer was great I could not ask for better customer service.

Thank for keeping me off the ledge!

Talicia Cooper

Help Through a Difficult Time in Life

I wanted to take the time and thank Breaking Chains Inc. for helping me thru a difficult time in my life.  Your agency/staff were so professional, courteous and friendly which made the process with applying for the Save The Dream program much easier.  I am so glad to know there are agencies like yours out there that are really concerned with helping people obtain the resources they need. Thank you again for everything.

Christal Martin

Dear James,

I wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service. I was very pleased with your immediate return calls whenever I telephoned your office. I was surprised how quickly you fit me into your busy schedule for a face-to-face appointment to assist me in completing the ‘Save-the-Dream” application in your office.

The “Save-the-Dream” approved side was almost instantaneous, I am now waiting on Century Federal Credit Union to respond.

Thank you for being professional and kind, and understanding to my situation; I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Respectfully yours,

Susan D.

Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank yo so much for your assistance and kindness during my rebounding period from an unexpected unemployment. The mortgage paymet was paid today and has helped me immensely. I realize I have worried you to death with all of my calls to your office. That is what makes you so special.

I am working a new job and enjoying being back in the workforce. I’m so glad trouble doesn’t last always! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.


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